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gift, Minoan Phaistos Disk - Silver/24K Gold Plated Earrings- L



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****************************************Due to the current situation related to COVID-19 and subsequent post mail services restrictions, we are unable to ship your orders by Registered Post. The orders can be shipped only by FedEx or TNT express.For these shipments, we'll need a physical address (no PO box) and a phone number.We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope that everything will be back to normal soon.Stay safe, stay inside!****************************************Handmade sterling silver-gold plated earrings with hook inspired by the ancient disk found in Phaistos.FRONT SIDE: Face A of the Phaistos DiskBACK SIDE: Face B of the Phaistos DiskAn impressive pair of earrings and an original gift idea that will be cherished from those who love riddles and mysteries.============================================================Diameter: 30.50 mm ~~ 1.20"Weight: 13.25 g ~~ 0.029 poundsMaterial: 925 Sterling Silver and 24K Gold PlatingGift Box provided free of charge Ref 95.11.87============================================================, handmade

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