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mark poulin, Mother-Daughter Angel Dog Necklaces - Set of Two Sterling Silver Dog Pendants



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Remember your dog with your family members.The mother dog measures about an inch high and the daughter about 3/4 of an inch high. I make both using solid sterling silver and they each come with a silver plated chain. 18" on the larger charm and 16" on the smaller charm. If you want two kids go here:https://www./listing/87244713/two-kids-famiy-necklaceTo see the "mother" necklace go here:https://www./listing/106961298/angel-dog-necklaceTo see the "daughter" necklace here:https://www./listing/106971608/tiny-angel-dog-necklaceAnd the matching earrings:https://www./listing/106976929/little-angel-dog-earringsItems are shipped without a receipt in a gift box. If you'd like to include a gift message, please let me know. I ship First Class for domestic orders and First Class for international orders.To see my entire store go here: https://www./shop/marmarTo see my gemstone and modern store go here:https://www./shop/marmarModernTo see my pewter and glass store go here:https://www./shop/marmarsuperstar, dog memorial

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