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Mexican Talavera tile drop earringsminiature, Southwestern styleminiature, Boho



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Welcome Fall with my new line of miniature tile drop earrings! Just under 2 inches in length (5CM) these earring dangle and scream Southwestern Boho style!\r\rThe miniature Talavera tile design is printed by me on to 1/16th inch thick plastic. I then carefully coat the tiles in a layer of glassy resin. The result is a tiny tile 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch (1.1cm x 1.1cm) that looks exactly like a miniature tile- minus the weight, dust, and lead of ceramic.\r\rThe tile is set an a romantic and hard to find antique brass lace bezel with a matching kidney wire. This design is very rustic looking and perfect for the woman who has a Gypsy heart!\r\rThis is a master photo but be confident that the pair your receive will be an exact match... leaving room of course for slight differences due to the wonderful nature of all things handmade!, miniature

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