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Computer Geekschain, St Isidore Patron Saint Medal on Bright Blue Ball Chain



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St. Isidore had a lot to live up to. Three of his siblings, two brothers and a sister, were saints.His older brother, St. Leander, was in charge of Izzy's education and used abuse and punishment to get Izzy's lessons pounded into him.But St. Isidore was ever patient, even though he once ran away from his task master saint brother. During this little haitus he watched water drip on a rock and realized that very little force was necessary to make change. It would be time that wore a hole in the rock.St. Isidore became THE most learned man of his time. He set to compiling all the available knowledge of his day, translating works in Latin and Greek and other languages. His encyclopedia of knowledge, the Etymologies, was a popular textbook for nine hundred years. He also wrote books on grammar, astronomy, geography, history, and biography as well as theology. When the Arabs brought study of Aristotle back to Europe, this was nothing new to Spain because Isidore's open mind had already reintroduced the philosopher to students there.Hand painted medal on bright blue ball chain.Visit the shop for all our saints:http://www./shop/heavenhelpus?ref=si_shop, nerd

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