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mehndi design, Beadwoven Henna Mehndi Cuff Bracelet Waiting Room Series number 3



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I am a cuff type bracelet, beadwoven with a square stitch, and patterned after a mehndi ( henna) body paint design.\r\rMy colors are a forest green, with a sage green vine type pattern. Cigarboxbeads again worked on me in the therapy waiting room- hoping there won't need to be many more of those long days! More beading, though! ;>)\r\rI am 7 1/4 inches long, loop to beadwoven toggle. I'm one inch wide, and feel very slinky on the wrist- just like a henna tattoo!\r\rcigarboxbeads photographed me on pages from "The Art of Mehndi" by Sumita Batra--a very interesting book!\r\r( I will be happy to create other bracelets with this same design, in any color you so choose---and see my other beadwoven creations at http://cigarboxbeads. ), cccoe team

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