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heishi, Pony Bead Short Necklace Collar Choker Design



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A short choker necklace that fits right up under your collar. Perfect for wearing under a colorful buttoned up collar. Fits close to the neck. Minimal, rustic design made with a mixture of pony beads and brass cone beads, strung on a matte steel chain. An every day kind of necklace - perfect for the office or weekend adventures.\u25b6 Necklace measures 18.75in (47.625cm)\u25b6 Necklace closes in the back with a lobster claw clasp\u25b6 Beads are made of brass\u25b6 Chain is made of steel and contains no lead\u25b6 Want a different length? Just let me know when you checkout\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6\u25b6 A Few Notes \u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25c0\u25b6 Materials: Steel + brass materials are strong, durable, & long-lasting\u25b6 Repair policy: Just in case something happens, you're covered!\u25b6 Flat Rate Shipping: Add as many items as you want with one low flat rate, new york

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