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I have always loved the way old fountain pen nibs look. The sharp point and curved sides have always drawn my eye. I have even purchased some of these rather expensive fountain pens because I love they way they feel in my hand and how smoothly they write. I think these pens are not only tools for writing but serve as inspiration, much like a great canvas urges and painter to paint, or a great slab of marble urges a sculptor to sculpt these pens urge the writer to pick it up and start work.\r\r\r These earrings are the second piece in my "Jewelry for Writers" line. These hand sculpted fine silver pen nibs with their onyx ink drops will look perfect with the "Writers Necklace" already listed in my shop. These nibs are fused to their ear wires so they are one solid piece. The onyx beads are wire wrapped in so they dangle delicately from the nibs and will sway with your movements.\r\rPrefer this as a necklace? No problem:\r\rWriters necklace: http://www./listing/57856253/writers-necklace\r\rA writers bracelet will be coming soon! Thanks for stopping by!, nib charm

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