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golden, Sun Drop - Brass Studs in a Teardrop Shape - Minimalist Studs - Satin Finish Brass and Silver - Sterling Silver Posts - Post Earrings



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Handmade brass stud earrings in a teardrop shape. Minimalist and elegant. These brass stud earrings feature a perfect tear drop shape in a satin finish soldered on sterling silver posts. They are so golden, so easy and lightweight you will forget you have them on--which is OK because they go perfectly with everything. Their satin finish texture is subtle and reflects the light, while also being fashionable and understated. These modern stud earrings have an organic texture, and have been shaped, soldered and polished by hand. They are about 16 mm long and 11 mm at their widest part. The front of the earrings is raw brass, the posts are sterling silver. The posts have been soldered to the top of the rain drop for a good fit. These are very fashionable earrings and would work well for everyday and casual wear but also for a subtle style for work or evening wear. They are shiny and polished when they come to you but they have not been sealed and so will acquire a nice darker brass and gold patina over time. They can be polished with commercial brass polishing products. This item is made to order, please allow one to two weeks before shipping. All items from trillium are shipped in jewelry boxes ready to give as gifts., golden

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