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kimono, Geisha Shadow Box Polymer Clay Necklace



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This unique and beautiful polymer clay necklace combines the beauty and balance of Asian art into a striking, signature piece of jewelry.The solid polymer pendant is made with contrasting imagery. The focal image os of a beautiful Geisha in an ornate blue kimono and peachy obi. Her serene gaze makes you wonder what she was thinking, her expression showing a depth of thought or remembrance. Surrounding her are Kanji characters, a peek of a Shoji screen and some ornately decorated and antiqued polymer frames. The piece is uniquely and organically shaped, yet it's skew is somehow balanced with the weight of the imagery.The focal pendant is strung on a waxed cotton cord and the clasp is made of matching polymer clay. The necklace is 22" long and is not adjustable.The pendant is about 2-\u215c" tall at the longest point and 1-\u00bd" wide at its widest point. Aside from the cording, it is made of solid polymer clay and beautifully buffed to a natural finish. It is a unique and truly beautiful piece of wearable art!, asian

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