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These mixed metal pieces were salvaged from my switch plate making operation and are perfect findings for your jewelry, crafts or art. If you are into recycled, found materials and objects, these are what you have been looking for.NOTE: These are pre-packaged, I cannot change the contents after you purchase.Purchases that include switch plates will ship separately.Package of 50 pieces of metal material taken from old baking pans (SKU: TPF-50/EB):PHOTO IS A REPRESENTATION OF MATERIAL YOU WILL RECEIVE; EVERY PACKAGE IS DIFFERENT.SIZED about 7/8" x 3/8" in a variety of metals (bare metal or aluminum, some textured, some plain and some with embossed letters). A few might have small holes (from the vents on pie pans).See photos to understand how these are shaped. Some come with black marker on them, which is removable with water or Goo Gone. Edges will need filing. You can spend hours cutting metal to produce these rectangular shapes and they will not be perfect. These will add a unique element to your creations.I no longer accept custom orders sorry! Only those seen in my Etsy Shop are available.RETURNS ACCEPTED ONLY IF IN SEALED UNOPENED PACKAGES.I also have packages of tin material in a variety of other shapes in my shop., jewelry supply

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