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mens silver ring, MEDIUM Brushed Matte Ring - A Band for Men or Women - Ready to ship in select sizes



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This is a great ring for those who like a clean look with big impact.The brushed sterling silver gives a matte glow to the surface. If you prefer a polished finish no problem!Looking for this ring with a personal inscription? Check out this listing: www./listing/85457365/secret-ring-in-matte-sterling-silver-for::::: How it\u2019s made ::::: I use sterling silver that is alloyed from reclaimed metal to create these rings. Each ring is marked .925 for metal quality. The inside edges of this ring have been rounded for a more comfortable fit.::::: The Specs :::::Overall dimensions: 7mm wide x 1mm thick. *This listing is limited to the sizes I have ready to ship!If you need me to make one in your size please see this listing:www./listing/93665756::::: Important Stuff :::::*This ring will arrive in a gift box! *** To see my full shop click on this link: www./shop/plyeffects ***\u267b I care about where we live. My designs are made from certified reclaimed material, not freshly mined rough! \u267b Copyright 2007 - 2019 * The artist reserves all reproduction rights.No work may be reproduced in any manner without written consent of the artist., wedding ring

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