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black enamel, Black and Gold Owl Fused Art Glass Jewelry Pendant



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Gold and black colored owl image fused onto brown and yellow glass. Set on a large silver plated bail. This is a handmade one of a kind item, the one pictured is the one you will receive. All of the glass is handmade by me and my wife. We have been full time professional glass artists for 7 and 4 years each. Our amazing jewelry is fused dichroic glass and fusible stained glass. Dichroic glass has a high tech coating that give the finished piece a gem like look. Glass is cut, layered and arranged then melted (fused) in a kiln around 1400F. We work with the pieces cold by cutting and shaping them. The pieces are fired multiple times to achieve a high quality professional finish. All of the pieces are much more stunning and beautiful in person. The camera simply can't capture the full depth and beauty., bird jewelry

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