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pendant, Nice Little 2 Dolphin Charm Pendant Cross Charm Hand Made FREE SHIPPING



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Approx 1 3/8" long charm of hand-carved dolphins and if you notice, the center cut out, is a cross! I am thinking it's cut out of shell, rather than bone, just because of what it is! Subtle differences show it is obviously hand cut. This may be older than I said -- no way to know. Free Shipping on this item to the US.DON'T FORGET: Buy EVERYTHING I have listed and get it all for 50%off with only $20 for shipping! I describe items as accurately as I can. If ever I do miss something, please don't stew, don't pull your hair and DON'T leave me bad feedback. Tell me. I don't want to have you feel bad about anyone on Etsy--'specially me!! Seriously, though, you and I can solve any problem, so that we both feel good about it. I have quotes for shipping on each item, but if you buy more than one item, I will save you mucho dough. Just email me and tell me that you have made multiple purchases and I will send you a Paypal invoice that reflects the money-saving recalulated price for shipping.OVERSEAS SHIPPING: I CANNOT do FREE SHIPPING for overseas. Sorry. Thanks for looking!, handmade

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