Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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TWILIGHT ON THE BEACH, a One of a Kind Artisan Necklace in a color palette of gold, deep plum and irridescents.FOCAL FOSSIL BEAD Hand crafted white bronze made from powdered metal clays and fired in a studio kiln.Measures approx. 1.75" tall x 1" wideNECKLACEHangs on a double strand, with one strand intertwined through the otherMeasures approx.18\u201d length, with 1 inch adjustable extensionClosure: Handcrafted sterling swan claspGEMSTONES & BEADSfreshwater pearls, handcrafted polymer clay beads, raw citrine, amethyst nuggets, ametrine, agate, yellow glass beadsTHIS LISTING is READY TO SHIP ... You will receive the necklace shown.\u27ba\u27bb\u27ba\u27bb\u27ba\u27bb\u27ba\u27bb\u27ba\u27bb\u27ba\u27bb\u27ba\u27bb\u27baSTUDIO/ARTIST: Designed and handcrafted by Francesca Lynn of Navarri Studios.www.StudioNavarri.comemail: StudioNavarri [!at], gemstone necklace

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