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brass chain, 27mm x 8.7mm Antique Brass Oval Link Chain #CC248



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High Quality Brass Chain.Lead and Nickel Free.Oval Chain with 27mm x 8.7mm LinksAntique Brass Plating.Sold in increments of 1, 5 or 25 feet.Please allow 10 days for shipping.Also available in:Goldhttps://www./listing/238486795/27mm-x-87mm-gold-oval-link-chain-cca248Silverhttps://www./listing/238586718/27mm-x-87mm-silver-oval-link-chainGunmetalhttps://www./listing/238486999/27mm-x-87mm-gunmetal-oval-link-chainAntique Copperhttps://www./listing/238586930/27mm-x-87mm-antique-copper-oval-linkAntique Silverhttps://www./listing/238587128/27mm-x-87mm-antique-silver-oval-linkCheck out our Etsy Shop to discover a huge world of new and vintage beads, chains, sequins, crystals, stones and other jewelry and fashion goodies! https://www./shop/GeneralBead, jewelry chain

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