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Sterling Silver Beaded Ankletlovethembeads, Everyday Plain Simple Mininalist Sexy Spring & Summer Beach Ankle Braceletlovethembeads, Valentines Day Jewelry Gift



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sterling silver beaded anklet, everyday plain simple minimalist sexy spring and summer beach ankle bracelet jewelry made strong to last long by LoveThemBeadsevery bead in this anklet is sterling silver. the skinny tube beads are called 'liquid silver'.the beads were strung on a medium weight 49 strand stainless steel cable by me in my studio. the spring ring clasp is sterling silver. the designer chain tag is stamped with 925 on one side and my "B" logo on the other side.this anklet is light weight, extremely comfortable, very durable and best of all extremely attractive.this anklet will be made to the length of your choosing. \u2714\ufe0f select your preferred length\ud83c\udf1f i have included the most common lengths for anklets and bracelets\ud83d\udccc for more sizing information see> if you do not see the length you need, please let me know so that i can edit this listingthis is the perfect everyday anklet. it may look dainty and delicate but i like to make jewelry that is worthy of constant every day wear (24/7/365) \ud83c\udf81 your purchase will be lovingly wrapped with colorful tissue paper and placed in a drawstring gift bag.\u3030\ud83c\udf80\u3030\ud83c\udf81\u3030\ud83c\udf80\u3030gift wrapping available as an add on purchase during the checkout procedure\u3030\ud83c\udf80\u3030\ud83c\udf81\u3030\ud83c\udf80\u3030\ud83c\udf81 www.LoveThemBeads. jewelry makes the perfect gift. order a matching bracelet, anklet, and/or necklace for your BFF, sister, mother or daughter.\ud83e\udd17 she will be so surprised and love you for thinking of her.\u2b50\ufe0f visit if you would like to learn more about not only argentium, but all of the other metals i work with. allergen and alloy information available as well.\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\udc99\ud83d\udc49 custom orders welcomed\ud83d\udc4d contact me today.\ud83d\udcad let's put our heads together and i'll make a custom listing for you.\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\udc99, everyday anklet

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