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oval, Seed Pod - foldformed cat's eye heat-colored copper pendant - hand-wrought - rubber cord - magnetic catch



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Oval foldformed copper pendant with brown and orange heat effects in a cat's-eye pattern. One of the first designs I came up with when I first started foldforming, the shape reminded me of certain plant seed pods. No two pieces are alike, either in shape, or in color. This pendant is larger and more oblong than most Seed Pods. In this case the color of the pendant comes entirely from heating the metal in the process of shaping it. Sometimes the resultant heat colors on copper are too beautiful to cover with another patina. The pendant can be worn either side out, like most of our foldformed pendants. The back of this one is a shows other, more mottled variants of copper's reactions to heat, tending more toward the yellows. The pendant piece is just over 2\u00bd inches long, just under 1\u00bd inches wide. The cord is black rubber, 18 inches long. (This is a good size for most people; I can trade it for any length cord you prefer.) The catch is magnetic, for ease of use (the two halves just find each other behind you, and simply pull apart when you're ready to take it off), and gold-plated. The bail is gold-filled. The pendant is acrylic-coated to protect the finish and protect your skin from the copper.Includes gift box., leather

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