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black glass, Jewelry Necklace Dichroic Two Layer Fused Glass in Multi Brilliant Colors



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Jewelry Necklace brillant shiny PendantArtistically handcrafted, shiny sparkling brilliant glass jewelry created in two layers of specialty glass fused and kiln fired. The first layer is black dichroic glass, second layer is beautiful colorful dichroic glass which melted into the black glass. Both layers are fused and melted together in a kiln fired at high temperatures. This process results in beautiful colors which shift depending on the light and on angle view. A 20 inch black leather chain is included. Size: Pendant: 1 X 1 inch What is dichroic glass? The main characteristic of dichroic glass is that it has a particular transmitted color and a completely different reflected color, as certain wavelength of light either pass through or are reflected. This causes an array of color to be displayed. The colors shift depending on an angle view. Thanks for visiting fiberartsy.For any questions regarding this item, please contact shop owner via convo at fiberartsy., pendant

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