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Khemetlarge, big brass hoop earringslarge, thin long trapeze hoopslarge, Egyptian jewellery



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Kemet, large geometric hoop earrings, Egyptian jewellery, oversized statement earringsLight and delicate thin hoop earrings - the geometric shape is inspired by the outline of classic Egyptian open papyrus columns with campaniform capitals. The hoop earrings are oblong rounded trapezoids - individually hand-made from raw golden brass wire, then hammered to stiffen the metal and enhance the silhuette. The clasp is drilled for a minimalist effortless look. wire 0.8mm round, yellow raw jeweller's brasswidth 4 cm * height 5.5 cmhere are more designs inspired by ancient Egypt:https://www./shop/minimalgeometric/search?search_query=Egyptianif you love the geometric look, here are some original pieces to complement these statement hoops:https://www./shop/minimalgeometric/search?search_query=geometric+-earring, tribal

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