Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Custom Engraving Graphics Set Up Design Fee, Or Other Upcharge Listing



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This listing is for custom logo or design work or extended text for a laser engraved charm. Please contact me before purchasing so I can be sure your design can be done. This is not for the charm. This is for the setup fee to take your logo and set it up in my engraver, or I can often find an appropriate vector file to make something for a charm that I don't already have (i.e. a cat or a baby foot, or a book). If you purchase this listing alone, no charm will be sent. This is to be purchased in addition to the cost of the actual charm. Logos and graphics, extended text that I don't already have, take time to set up. This fee covers that time. It can also be used to have custom engraving on the back of certain bracelets. Or for other upgrades. Inquire before purchasing.

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