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Chain Necklace Handmade Silver ptd 34 inch - 1 clasp, 5 or 15 Qty



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Silvertone Chain Necklace(s) with lobster clasp, 34 inch, your choice of one necklace, pack of 5 or pack of 15. Buy more and save.Chain - silver colored zink alloy, 2x3mm unsoldered links, 12 links per inchClasps - silver colored zink alloy 10 or 12mm, you can chose, let me know via convo which clasp size you want, if you will not I send 10mm, in my mind it looks better.One the other side is 5mm jumpring to close the clasp on. I make these from 16 inches to 50 inches, for other sizes please see my store or convo.If you make pendants for sale - I am your supplier, convo me with any questions, I make all kinds of chain and cord necklaces/chokers and bracelet bases., 5

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