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These liquid sterling silver long earrings are elegant and lovely. Size: Hangs 5 to 9 inches Long Adjustable. They are extremely lightweight, yet have such an impact. Signature hand carved swallows are on each of these. I am strongly influenced by vintage Native American jewelry and this is an homage to my love of their art form. The name "Line of Truth" is personified in the liquid form of these earrings because of the ebbing and flowing of different truths. Whatever your truth is, these earrings will magnify that effect.Wearing instructions: Hold the earring as if it were a post, then slide to desired length.Rubber backs for extended life of the chain.These electric cobalt feathers were picked up in a bundle at a vintage store because of their eye popping hue, then cut to exact measurements to form a perfect line. I've cut out the hippie look by not adding anything more than the feathers and silver.Wear them with your jeans and a tee shirt or a simple black or white dress/gown. Sure to make you stand out from the crowd!, swallows

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