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bohoLarge Mood Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver Adjustable



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happyAll mood jewelry comes with a card explaining the meaning of the colors. Are you ready for a statement bracelet? This is a beautiful color changing mood bracelet cuff in sterling silver. The bracelet is slightly adjustable, and should fit most adult arms. The stone is very large 1 1/2 inches in length. This makes a great gift for when you don't know someones ring size. This bracelet features a new mood stone, 40x30mm. Bracelet is sterling silver.My mood jewelry is completely handmade by me. You won't find stones just glued into a pre-made setting here! Each ring is handmade with skill, attention and care, made to look beautiful and last for your lifetime! You may also notice my mood stones look a little different than others you may see around. I use a higher quality and more sensitive mood stone than what is commercially available. They are custom made for me, so you won't see them elsewhere! All my mood jewelry comes with a guarantee. If your ring stops working, I am happy to replace the stone for you, at any time.Please note, that mood stones do not like water. A quick, occasional wash of the hands will be fine, but please remember to remove before doing dishes, showering, swimming, etc.All mood jewelry comes packaged in a signature purple box that is made of recycled paper and is recyclable! A soft purple velvet bag is also included to store your jewelry in. This will keep it safe and protect from tarnish.

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