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Heatherly Designs plated brass post earrings made with brilliant diamond cut genuine Swarovski\u00ae crystals set within a pav\u00e9 halo of smaller Swarovski\u00ae faux diamond crystals.\u25cfNickel free\u25cfSize: 1/2" or 13mm diameter\u25cfSwarovski crystal color(s): Vintage Rose + Crystal\u25cfArrives in our signature Heatherly gift box.Handmade with \u2764 by Heather\u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u2192Quantity Discounts listed below:10% off 3-6 pcs - 10OFF3TO615% off 7-9 pcs - 15OFF7TO920% off 10+ pcs - 20OFF10PLUS\u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf Item Collection Code: Diamante Luxe Post - 39ssItem Code: E0016*Gold Matte finish in these earrings do contain Nickel and are not suggested for people with Nickel allergies\u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf \u25cf INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE BE ADVISED: You are responsible to pay your country's taxes, tariffs and duties. They are charged by your government and are not collected by us. The shipping charge is how much it costs to ship your order to you and covers nothing else., vintage rose blush

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