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tiny SAFETY PIN earrings (mini 0.75 inch) - sterling silverpunk jewelry, 14k gold filled or 14k rose gold filled hoop earrings - single loops



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These safety pin earrings are handcrafted from your choice of sterling silver or 14K gold filled wire. Cute and edgy at the same time, they're the perfect leave-in hoop earrings!These are a modified version of my original safety pin earrings (see image 4 for comparison). The loops on the bottom are eliminated so the earrings will hang straight down from the piercings, giving them a more classy look. They are very comfortable to sleep in. The end of the wire is filled smooth, so they can't be used as real safety pins. [MEASUREMENT]The pictured earrings measure 3/4"(18mm) long and 1/4"(6mm)wide. The width of the pins will stay the same if you select the 1" version. (Model is wearing the default 3/4" version)[SILVER FINISH]The default "sterling silver" option is bright sterling silver as shown in the sample images."Oxidized sterling silver" is selected, the wire will be darkened and partially polished to give an "antique" look. See my original "double loop" mini safety pin earrings here - Find the more luxurious solid 14k and 18k gold version here - See my entire safety pin jewelry collection here - out my etsy shop for more designs!http://www./shop/muyinmollyFollow me on Facebook -- Twitter -, small safety pin

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