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jennifer sadler, Opalite Glass Rectangle Tassel Pendant on Black Enameled Copper Wire Long or Double Strand Necklace



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Opalite glass, also known as "sea glass," is one of my favorite materials. The glass has a milky, pale blueish color, but when you hold it up to the light, it reflect a slight amber yellow, mimicking the look of opals. Meticulously hand-wired with black enameled copper wire onto black enameled copper chain.This vintage-inspired necklace features a luminous blue opalite rectangle bead pendant (measuring 1.5" long and 1" wide) with a handmade chain tassel. Accented with small rectangular faceted opalite beads hand-wired to black chain. Can be worn long or doubled with a small black clasp.Wear it long - it hangs about 40 inches to the end of the tassel.Wrap it around and wear it as a double-strand necklace - measures 16 inches around the neck and hangs 24 inches to the bottom of the tassel., bride

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