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A bold handmade chain constructed of steel and 23k gold. Each link has been formed from thick steel stock, brazed closed, and forged for a lovely organic texture. One link has been coated in 23k yellow gold leaf. Steel has been treated with a heat patina to give a rich dark color. Necklace is available in two versions. Short necklace is 20" long. Long necklace is 40" long and can be worn doubled for added versatility. Small links are 1" in diameter, larger links are 1.5".Matching hoop earrings- https://www./listing/454089612Steel has been sealed to resist rust and protected the blackened color. While it is fine to wear steel jewelry while washing hands, doing dishes or in the rain but it is not recommended to wear in the pool or other activities that will expose the metal to water for an extended period of time. Make sure steel is thoroughly dry before storing., handmade chain

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