Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Memorial Necklaceremembrance gift, Personalized Memorial Necklace Always in my heartl Necklaceremembrance gift, Forever in My Heart Necklaceremembrance gift,



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"Forever In My Heart" Necklace very Simple and Elegant made to hold your loved ones close to your heart.It is Personalized with two Initials and if you wish to put two initials then please put the 2nd Initial in the note, otherwise it becomes a Remembrance Necklace. Thank You!You can add gift box or gift pouch with personalized card messagehttps://www./listing/255243626/gift-box-cards-from-fashionjewelryforeve?ref=listings_manager_tableClick on fashionjewelryforeve. to see my other designs. Each piece is carefully thought out and is my own original design.View items in "Pearl Jewelry Set" sectionhttps://www./shop/fashionjewelryforeve?section_id=14251905View items in "Fancy Necklace Earrings" sectionhttps://www./shop/fashionjewelryforeve?section_id=5358493View items in "Necklace Stud Earrings" sectionhttps://www./shop/fashionjewelryforeve?section_id=12590347View items in "Flower Girls" sectionhttps://www./shop/fashionjewelryforeve?section_id=12874272View items in "Pearl Necklace" sectionhttps://www./shop/fashionjewelryforeve?section_id=12590655View items in "Lariat Necklace" sectionhttps://www./shop/fashionjewelryforeve?section_id=14543841View items in "Fancy Necklace" sectionhttps://www./shop/fashionjewelryforeve?section_id=10759195View items in "Earrings" sectionhttps://www./shop/fashionjewelryforeve?section_id=6072183View items in "Pearl Bracelet" sectionhttps://www./shop/fashionjewelryforeve?section_id=6016740View items in "Fancy Bracelet" sectionhttps://www./shop/fashionjewelryforevesection_id=13309730, remembrance jewelry

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