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NK257Perfect for a wedding and gift for the bridesmaids.Starfish personalized bridesmaid necklace. Summer Wedding -Beach Jewelry -Stamped Name Gift. Appropriate for Beach Wedding.You can add gift box or gift pouch with personalized card messagehttps://www./listing/255243626/gift-box-cards-from-fashionjewelryforeve?ref=listings_manager_tableClick on fashionjewelryforeve. to see my other designs. Each piece is carefully thought out and is my own original design.Niece1. Nieces are like Sunshine On a rainy day Love you to the moon and back!2. The day my niece was born My family was blessed that day Nieces are like flowers. That brighten your day.3. No matter what life throws at you My niece, I am always here for you!4. A birthday wish for you, my niece. May you have a wonderful year ahead of youMay all your dreams come true!4. My niece is my love The one that I adore Someone to play withSomeone to cheer up I love watching her grow5. Being your aunt is a pleasure especially to you my niece You have come with such positivity that you have made a remarkable difference in my life.6. You are the best niece ever Your thoughtfulness andcaring ways make you special in many ways.7. To my niece. Never forget that you can do anything that you putyour mind to.8. The first time I saw you I fell in love with you A precious Niece, a gift from GodI am one of the lucky ones to have you!9. My sister finally did a smart thing She had You! You are a wonderful gift from God to us!10. Nieces bring happiness and joy They are so different than boys They are full of love and surprises too They make life special, not blue.11. I love you my niece because of all the joys you have brought into my life.12. You are awesome and amazing to I could wish for No better Niece than you!Sisters1. My sisters are my bestie who are the pillars to the family.2. Someone who has walked my way Someone who understands how i feel Who knows my every need they are my sisters My best friends forever.3. Together on life's journey Sharing lots of happy times And sometimes sharing tears Always leaning on each otherTogether through the years.4. A sister is someone you treasure She's a person you shareyour dreams with and truly your joys become her joys as you travel after day.5, A sister is the one who gives you a shoulder to cry on picks you up when you are feeling low she's the dearest friend you would know and she'll be there for all your tomorrows.6, Time and space may separate us But heartstrings know no end I'm proud to call you my sister Happier still to call you my friend.7. No matter where life leads us Dear Sister, know its true It has been a joy to travel Down the road of life with you!8. Our memories of yester years forever in my mind With that special trust of love "That only we can find"9. Although we're not together The way it used to be We share a special closeness That is very dear to me You are my lifetime best friendUnBiological & Soul Sister.1, Friends by heart and sisters by soul The day you came into my life I have never been alone. I will always Love soul sister.2. To my Soul Sister I love you forever and I don't want to loose you My life became better since the day I met you Thank you for being a safe place for me to turn to.3. You are the sister I got to choose I love being with you and would never want to loose. Thank you for being my Unbiological Sister4. To My Unbiological Sister We aren't sisters by birth but we are sisters by heart Someone who is always listening to me thank you, I owe you a lot.5. Side by side or miles apart We are not sisters by blood but sisters by heart. I am so lucky to have you as my unbiological sister.6.Your love and care has spread joy in my life You came as an angel and were always by my side Thank you for being my best friend/soul sister/US7. When I am with you my heart is at peace and rest. You are such a special person to meand believe me you are the best I love you my soul sister., sea animal

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