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This ring is *SO* [email protected]! ... OMG ...An ever-sparkling vintage Swarovski 'Fireball' is a phenomenal cross between a crystal ball and a freakin' disco ball -- with flashes of every color in the rainbow. From the side, it is perfectly clear; from above & at all other angles, it is an endless array of colorful sparkle. Photos simply do not do it justice!Substantial, sturdy antiqued pewter plated adjustable ring will fit most sizes from approx. 5 to 10.- Vintage Swarovski crystal: 12mm (1/2" dia) or 14mm dia (9/16" dia)- Height (tall) from finger: approx. 1/2" to 5/8" - Adjustable from approx. 5 to 10Have a look at this short video on Instagram to see how it "sparkles": all the amazing rings in the Shy Siren shop:https://www./shop/ShySiren/search?search_query=ringShy Siren jewelry box is included for perfect gift giving.All designs, photos & text \u00a9 SHY SIREN, INC.-------------------------------------------------------------See more of my designs: ShySiren.-------------------------------------------------------------, crystal ball jewelry

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