Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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The design for this porcelain clay plate was accomplished by pressing a piece of lace into the wet clay. Simple yet elegant design with the words \u201cForever Yours\u201d stamped in the porcelain. The plate is approximately 5"x3" It has been high fired to cone six (2232F). and a protective matte finish will be applied to the surface.No waiting period for this plate. Available now.International shipments are \u201cUSPS International First Class\u201d.Consider this Plate as a wonderfully unique anniversary gift. The ring in the photo is from another Etsy artist, Gabeadz. Check out her shop!Sorry, it isn't included in this purchase.You may also be interested in the bird plates in my other shop:http://www./shop/patterns4uAll my handmade "Bird" plates are actually formed by hand. I don't use molds and therefore will vary somewhat in size. I try to make them as uniform as possible but there will be differences. That's what makes them unique., clay

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