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girl from uncle, 1966 Bradley The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. UNCLE secret agent WATCH CASE with reproduction insert card and decal on the side



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PLEASE NOTE: This ad is for the WATCH CASE ONLY..... The watch is NOT INCLUDED.If you want to know all the details about how I love the Man From UNCLE and how I went about recreating the case for the MFU watch, please go to the ad for that watch box here in my shop. What you need to know here is that all that applies to this 1966 Bradley Girl From UNCLE watch case. The watch case is an original Bradley coffin-like watch box. The insert and the decal on the side of the box are reproductions. The BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO is that in all my days of collecting, I have never seen an original box for the Girl From UNCLE watch. Not ever. Therefore the artwork on the insert card are my graphic designer's instincts on what I think Bradley might have created for this companion piece to the Man From UNCLE watch. The basic design would be the same. Text would be the same. Instead of the Napoleon image that is used on the face of his watch, I used the April Dancer image from the face of the GFU watch. Instead of the silhouette of the man shooting the gun, I used the silhouette of the man with the knife from the GFU black and white still in picture #5 above. And of course, instead of the MFU logo bottom left, I used the GFU logo in this box.Also the exact text on the decal, "Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Secret Agent Wrist Watch #457" might not be completely correct. All these details are best guess until one day when I might be lucky enough to see the actual graphics. In the meantime it's a beautiful box and would make a stunning completion to your watch. . ONE OTHER NOTE: IMPORTANT: I'm limited by the boxes that I was able to find. Some are pink and some are red. So write to me first if you want me to send a picture of the available box. The insert and the decal are the same. Thanks a million for checking out my shop. Open Channel D please., girl from uncle

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