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great mother, Violet Visions - Swarovski Crystal Cabochon Necklace by Ishka Lha



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Sparkling wearable Ishka art! :-)This "Violet Visions" cabochon necklace is created from a small vignette print cut from one of my original paintings, "Avatara." The definition of "avatar" is spirit made manifest into physical form. The vignette for this piece is of the Avatara's fourth eye. Think third eye, but in the crown, where mystical visions, violet rays, and majestic perspectives abound.You can view prints of the inspiration for this cabochon here:https://www./listing/150703113/12x16-matted-eco-art-print-avatara-by?ref=shop_home_active_49This pendant is sparkling with a selection of Swarovski crystals that I hand pick and set myself so that they match the color composition of each piece. The width of the pendant is 2" and the length is just over 2.5." Please select which chain design you like best:ROLO LINK CHAINThis chain has a beautiful delicate aesthetic. Each one may vary a little in length because sometimes I cut them at slightly different sizes, but they are typically around 18" long. If you want something that hangs higher on your chest, I recommend this one.OVAL BALL CHAINThis chain is very elegant. It is 24" in length and cannot be shortened. Each pendant is mounted with a crystal clear glass dome that magnifies and bedazzles each image. The symbolic significance of the art creates meaningful adornment for all, and the Swarovski crystals make these absolutely gorgeous jewelry for any occasion.ANNOUNCEMENT: I HAVE MOVED MOST OF MY STORE ITEMS TO MY NEW WEBSITE. I HAVE A MUCH BROADER SELECTION OF ART AND TREASURES TO SHARE WITH YOU THERE! HAVE A LOOK: WWW.ISHKALHA.COM. THANKS!, visionary art

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