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nature inspired, Nature lover - sterling silver cast succulent necklace- watch chain



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A necklace for a lover of nature, ocean, forest and mountains alike. For one who collects stones in her pockets and feathers in her hair. ***The details:This necklace is comprised of a sterling silver succulent that was grown and harvested in my yard in the Pacific Northwest. It was cast from the real thing and is a one of a kind piece. This particular kind of succulent is often called a watch chain.It has been soldered filed, sanded, oxidized and polished before being tumbled for strength, shine and a lovely patina.It comes hanging from a long sterling silver chain that fits over the head. The chain length can be adjusted as needed.This necklace reminds us to honor the natural world and to love and respect our earth mama \ud83d\udc99Thank you for looking!, nature inspired

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