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I hope you'll fall in love with these black and gold geometric long chain earrings! :)\u2022 Tiny black plated faceted brass chain\u2022 Brass rectangle box chain\u2022 Oxidized black brass mini triangles\u2022 Gold plated ball ear stud\u2022 Plastic stoppers includedMesures about 8.5cm (3.375in) from top to bottom.\u00b7\u00b7\u00b7\u00b7\u00b7\u2022 Tr\u00e8s petite cha\u00eene de laiton plaqu\u00e9e noire \u00e0 facettes\u2022 Cha\u00eene rectangulaire en laiton\u2022 Mini triangles en laiton, oxid\u00e9s noirs\u2022 "Studs" d'oreilles plaqu\u00e9es or\u2022 Stoppers transparents inclusHauteur totale de presque 8.5cm (3.375po)......\u2022 Yellow photo on modelPhotographer: Claudia Morin-Arbour - cmaphotographe.comModel: Naomi, canadian sellers

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