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boho, Australian Green Opal and Turquoise Nugget Earrings



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Rustic...Earthy...Soulful...these dangle earrings are made with Australian Green Opal and Natural Turquoise nuggets beads. Length: 3"As with all hand cut beads, please expect slight imperfections in size, shape and color.The name Turquoise is said to be derived around the 16th century from the French language either from the word for Turkish (Turquois) or dark-blue stone (pierre turquin). It has been used widely for centuries and is one of the gems still used today. Turquoise is also reputed to heal all kinds of ailments. New age healers use it for the skeletal, digestive, and respiratory systems. It is said to help remove toxins from smoking and other pollutants from the body. The stone is also said to help improve your attitude as well as enhance creativity. It is reputed to bring you inner awareness and help strengthen friendships. Turquoise is reputed to help those who have trouble speaking in public, as well as improve empathy and honesty. ~HMB, boho

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