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This is a seed bead choker necklace I made it with beautiful mother of pearls round natural shell beads.The shell pearls are encased by the gold seed beads.It has a handmade adjustable beaded toggle and loop closer.It comes in many sizes for a perfect custom made pearl necklace.You can choose the size you want when you check out.Collar : 12-13 inchesChoker: 14-15 1/2 inchesPendants : 16-18 inchesMatinee : 20-22 inchesOpera : 32-34 inchesRope : 42-44 inches Why I use Swarovski Pearls.Swarovski Crystal Pearls have a luster similar to a natural pearl, a flawless surface, a consistent color, and a similar weight to that of a natural pearl. The pearls are also resistant to perspiration, sun, perfume and scratches. Plus, there is no branding on the actual pearls.It is beadwoven with very strong beading thread.I use microfused braided bead thread.I DO NOT use monofilament fishing line. Many bead weavers use monofilament and they just don't hold up and eventually they break.It is very durable and will last for many years.I except returns and exchanges. I have been beading since the late 60s off and on while raising my little ones.In the late 90s I became the SlaveToBeads as I started beading and buying beads 24/7!I am truly a slave to my beads :)Hope you will enjoy this piece as much as I enjoy making it! Thanks for visiting my shop :), bead woven necklace

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