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Pregnancy and Childbirthmotherhood, St. Gerard and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Patron Saint Medal on Antique Brass Colored Ball Chain



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St. Gerard was a lay brother in the Redemptorist Order. He worked in the rectory and the garden and would have led a quiet monkish life were it not for his extraordinary abilities.\r\rSt. Gerard had the gift of reading souls, so he was allowed to hear confessions. He also could bilocate and levitate. That meant his services as a confessor could really be utilized, since he could be two places at once.\r\rOn one occasion St. Gerard left his hankie behind at someone\u2019s house when he was out making his rounds. Later that man\u2019s daughter was about to die giving birth and some smart cookie remembered the pious young man\u2019s \rhankie. They touched the hankie to the girl and prayed for our saint\u2019s intercession. Mother and child were delivered from harm. \r\rSt. Gerard is the patron saint of: childbirth, children, expectant mothers, falsely accused people, good confessions, lay brothers, motherhood, mothers, pregnant women and unborn children.\r\rOn the back of the medal is Our Lady of Perpetual Help.\r\rHand painted medal on antique brass colored ball chain measures 23"., accessory

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