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Vintage Lotus Flower Matchbook Cover Art Earrings. Beloved of both the Hindu and Buddhist religions. The lotus flower blooms in the mid day and sinks back into the murky waters at night. The flower of rebirth, of insightful revisitation of your inner being, unifying the past and future, leaving room for the growth and enlightenment of today. Or they are just pretty, that's your call man.~ Made of lightweight wood ~ Laser cut and printed with a matte glaze~ Stainless Steel ear wires~ Comes packaged on iamsonotcool cardIf you prefer them shiny or would like extra water resistance you can give them a coat of clear nail polish:) Processing time is up to two weeks as all items are made to order. May ship sooner if currently in stock.Thanks!follow [email protected] on instagram save 10% :), buddhist lotus

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