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1980s rainbow numerals Timex Watercolors Watch with side pins. *The watchband is not complete and so it can either be used as the watch face alone in an up-cycled jewelry project or you could rehab it back to its original purpose by adding a new band/battery. *I loved wearing it daily until the buckle fastening ends of the band wore out so I cut the broken parts of the band off and tucked it away intending to someday get a new band. While it sat in my jewelry box the battery died, so I never got the band replaced. Wearing a watch is not part of my routine anymore. I figure this watch needs to find a great new home where it can be loved once again!!*Small face- about 3/4 inches *The watch worked when it last had a good battery, so maybe it will work again with a battery replacement, but this is sold as is, vintage., timex

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