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root, Abstract Antiqued Layered Sterling Silver Cast Drop Earrings – Rectangles



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SALE! Now $80 (originally $90)Rectangular, asymmetrical earrings that pack a punch and catch the eye \u2013 these organically-inspired earrings are reminiscent of twisted vines or roots, with many layers of tangles. Each earring is individually sculpted first out of wax, and then the wax mold is used to cast the earrings in sterling silver \u2013 a process called lost wax casting. This destroys the mold so that no earring can be repeated; and so each earring in the pair is slightly different. After casting and the forging of the sterling silver ear wires, a patina is added to darken the metal and bring out the depth of each earring.They measure about 1/3\u201d wide and are 1\u201d long from the drop.All of my work is handmade, using recycled materials whenever possible, and incorporating/re-using gemstones and vintage pieces., antiqued

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