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All natural hand knotted beaded hemp necklace THE DETAILS -* Natural hemp twine* Agate stone pendant* Bone chips* Agate stone rounds* Wood* Turquoise stone* Polymer clay* Early 1900's antique faceted crystal chandelier pcs * Red coral* Adjusts from 24-30" (60-75 cm) long with ringYou get one necklace as photographed!*** ONE OF A KIND, ONLY ONE WAS MADE ***Wholesale / custom orders are welcomed and they can be accommodated to suit your needs!Low cost shipping. World wide shipping.Please do not get we so it retains it's beauty. If you happen to get wet just lay out flat and let air dry. Salt water is particularly detrimental to hemp. It will fray, discolor and weaken.Dedicated to bringing you a superior quality product as well as excellent customer service and attention. Please never be afraid to contact me with any questions or concerns. I am here to assist you! It is always my pleasure!JOIN ME!* FACEBOOK -* PINTEREST -* INSTAGRAM-,, indonesian glass

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