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Amazing Rare Blood Stone - Large pendant - one of a kind - rare gemstone. Pendant is almost 2" long.Stone Types: BLOOD STONESetting Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bloodstone is an excellent crystal to help you to feel a stronger sense of determination, as they aid you to regain your personal power.These stones have strong metaphysical properties, and their vibration will aid you to find within yourself a deep sense of spiritual tenacity.They will build courage and strength of mind, to do what needs to be done within your individual reality.If you have been fearful or vacillating when you need to take action, the energy of these stones gives you the confidence to face your challenges.They were known in olden times as Heliotrope, and were popular as they raise self esteem. It was believed that if you carried one of these stones you might avoid dangerous situations. This crystal is a March birthstone as well as being a very interesting stone.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you are feeling timid or fearful in any way, these stones may instill courage, strength and tenacity within you.Their vibration will aid you to dissipate any confusion, and will assist you to become more peaceful and serene.The Bloodstone has a strong vibration that will repulse negativity from the auric field.They create positive energy as they bring your energy body into balance.These stones work predominantly within the base or root chakra.They also work to aid both the heart chakra and the navel or sacral chakra.Their energy resonates within the base chakra and this makes them strong spiritual grounding stones.Their vibration will assist you to live your life more in touch with the earth and its energy.This energy will help you to face challenges around the concept of death.This is powerful, as every one of us will one day have to face this issue.The energy of the Bloodstone will help you to be true to yourself, even when the going gets tough. They help you to face loneliness and to make tough decisions, and to follow what you know in your heart is the right course of action.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, courage

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