Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lion earrings, tiny lion earring studs



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**Due to the ever-changing COVID-19 situation around the world, please be aware of the postal situation in your own area. At this point, Canada Post is still operating normally, and I will continue to accept and ship out orders as postal services remain operational where I am located. Please be understanding that postal services everywhere are working as hard as they can (while keeping themselves safe) to get packages to you, and be patient in the case of delays.Shipping method during this time:Canada: Choice of untracked or trackedUS: Tracked Packet ONLY (could take 2~5 weeks)International: Tracked Packet ONLY (could take 3 weeks ~ 3 months depending on location)**tiny lion earring studs lion studs for your ears on days when you need some extra courage!earring posts are surgical stainless steel.lions measure 8mm x 7mm (~0.31in x 0.28in)INSTAGRAM \u2726 @hellofancypopWEBSITE \u2726, leo gift

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