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grid, Canarywood and Gold-Filled Inlay Dot Grid Necklace



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SALE! Now $75 (originally $85)Canarywood has warm shades of yellow, orange, and light brown. An exotic hardwood from South America, its warmth of color is perfect for spring!This pendant has been sculpted into an an asymmetrical, geometric shape. Gold-filled dot inlay has been added in a grid pattern, with a carved out hole for letting the light shine through. The double bail is gold-filled, as are the chain and ball bead accents. A lightweight piece that is an eye catcher.Dimensions of pendant: 7/8" long x 3/4" wideCHAIN OPTIONS: CHOOSE 16", 18", 20", or 22" LENGTHS- Gold-Filled Chain and Clasp- Black Cotton Cord and Gold-Filled Clasp (for $10 less)All my wood jewelry is sealed with wax for a fine shine and protection., casual jewelry

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