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This bead bracelet has an unusual yet lovely color combination of purple, green, and gold. Wear this bracelet to celebrate Mardi Gras.These are some of our most popular and traditional Christmas colors. However, this bracelet would look great all year round too. This handmade bracelet has 8, 10mm Purple Jade round beads. These beads are a high quality dolomite marble from Asia that has been dyed a rich purple color and are popular in jewelry making as an alternative to much more expensive real jade. These beads may also look deep blue in certain lights. You will also find 16, gold tone flower cap beads and 16, 4mm size, gold plated double cone shaped beads. To give this bracelet a little color and light, there are 8, 4mm size, faceted emerald green crystal beads.Overall, this bracelet is 7 and 1/2 inches in length and is hand stranded on a strong elastic beading cord. No hard to fasten clasps. Your comments, questions and requests for custom made bead jewelry designs are always welcome.Thanks for visiting my jewelry shop.Bead Jewelry By Anitahttp://www.beadjewelrybyanita.more bracelets from my shop\u00bb\u00bb\u00bb http://www./shop/BeadJewelryByAnita?section_id=10991536 http://www./shop/BeadJewelryByAnita?section_id=10986331 http://www./shop/BeadJewelryByAnita?section_id=10986403jewelry sets\u00bb\u00bb\u00bb http://www./shop/BeadJewelryByAnita?section_id=10986339, green bead bracelet

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