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holding hands, Ring Skinny Minimal Yellow gold filled eco-friendly thread thin -Slightly Adjustable Loops holding hands - US sizes 4 to 8 READY to Mail BLM



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Yellow gold filled - delicate little ring with movable tear shaped loops holding Hands. The adjustment is only going to be about 1/2 size probably. We are leaving them pretty close to the middle of the expansion. - Minimalist ring. Simple design. Some hammered a little bit and some are smooth. (If you have a preference, please leave a note during checkout.)\u270a\ud83c\udfff \u270a\ud83c\udffd \u270a\ud83c\udffe 100% of the revenue will go to the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. \u270a\ud83c\udfff \u270a\ud83c\udffd \u270a\ud83c\udffeI have several of these made up and am selling them at a bargain price. If you need another size made, it will be at a higher price, but I will be glad to make it for you.The sizes I have listed will be pretty close, but in an effort to avoid remeasuring every one 20 times, I will say "give or take a quarter size".Please note that the solder I used on these is a silver based solder made for gold filled. It will tarnish at the solder joins over time and you can just polish it out just like you would your silver jewelry.All metal is recycled/reclaimed 14k/20 yellow gold filled.Email any questions or requests.Thank you!!!!!The ring will not be signed because there is not enough room to do it well. This will come gift wrapped and with an Apache Moon Studio card describing the materials and the artist (well... me) will sign that.\u270a\ud83c\udfff \u270a\ud83c\udffd \u270a\ud83c\udffe 100% of the revenue will go to the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. \u270a\ud83c\udfff \u270a\ud83c\udffd \u270a\ud83c\udffe, minimalist ring gold

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