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First time quail parents search high and low for a suitable nest site. They often make them underneath cacti or dense underbrush to protect their little ones from the dangers that nest built on the ground pose. The spots on the eggs help to camouflage them from dangerous predators. After hatching, the tiny fuzzy chicks will be running around on the ground for their first three weeks and so need a safe space to hide.These speckled eggs are dalmatian jasper beads that are nestled inside a basket woven with sterling wire. Specifications: The pendant is approximately 7/8 in diameter and the sterling dapped bar and link chain is 16 inches long. 18-20 inches available upon request.Each nest is handmade and will vary slightly. Each one is made to order and will be created especially for you.The fourth images shows other options that are available to order. Please see my other listings for nest of Robin, Bluebird, and Goldfinch.The third image is included to show scale.Payment Options: Paypal or Money OrderPlease see my Shop Policies for more information on shipping, payment and exchanges. http://www./shop_policy.php?user_id=15330Visit my profile for more information about my shop like retail locations to find Adorn Jewelry. http://www./profile.php?user_id=15330Love birds? Make sure to check out my other listings with bird images encase in resin.Go check out these great shops: PetitOiseau. and OrangePeelEnamel..All work in this store has copyright protection. The use or reproduction of any image or likeness must obtain express permission of the artist., wire

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