Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ceramicTurquoise organic and tooth shaped beaded long necklace



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long necklaceTurquoise necklace and various stones, glass beads (faceted/iridescent) and seed beads with a few ceramic beads mixed in.When worn it stretches down to about 18 inchesIt has Turquoise beads in the shape of teeth, for a sort of southwestern look.Turquoise Healing Properties:\u2022 releases stress by relaxing neck and shoulders, allowing you to breathe deeper and release toxins\u2022 protects you for negative influences and impressions of others, shielding your aura from hostility, hatred, and jealousy\u2022 helps you express your authentic self, strengthening your life-force and building self-confidence\u2022 balances the immune system by strengthening the thymus gland and releasing stress\u2022 alleviates arthritic pain as turquoise is a hydrated phosphate of aluminum and

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