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Amethyst Braceletvalentines day gift, Dark Violet Purple Beaded Gemstone Braceletvalentines day gift, February Birthstonevalentines day gift, Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Bracelet Valentines Day Gift



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Amethyst Bracelet, February Birthstone, 14/20 Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Dark Violet Purple Amethyst Gemstone, Assorted Shape Beads, Beaded Bracelet by LoveThemBeadsamethyst - february birthstone also an all time customer favorite gemstone. this is the perfect bracelet to put on and leave on - for years. \ud83d\udc49 this listing is for one gold filled wire wrapped amethyst bracelet\u2714\ufe0f slightly longer than 7 1/2 inches but not quite 7 3/4 inches\ud83d\udcec this bracelet is ready to mail nowthis bracelet was made by me in my studio. each link is individually wrapped top to bottom and front to back one at a time resulting in a very sturdy and durable bracelet. i use 14/20 gold filled wire to wrap each bead then make it wearable with a gold filled slim line lobster claw clasp and chain tab.i selected a variety of sizes, shapes and intensities of color premium amethyst gemstone beads. the majority of the amethyst beads are a deep, dark, rich vibrant purple that contrasts beautifully with the warm gold resulting in a strikingly beautiful bracelet. you will feel like royalty with this beauty on your wrist. the perfect gift for yourself or for the very special person in your life who deserves the best.amethyst (natural) is the official birthstone for february. it is the purple variety of quartz and the most valued member of the quartz family. top quality amethyst is a deep medium purple with rose-colored flashes. ts purple color made it a stone of royalty for many thousands of years. leonardo da vinci once wrote that amethyst holds the power to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken one\u2019s intelligence. healers have been using amethyst to increase their psychic abilities and intuition for centuries. amethyst brings energies of stability, peace, calm, balance, courage and inner strength.\ud83c\udf81 your purchase will be lovingly wrapped in a small cotton filled gift box, wrapped with colorful tissue paper and placed in a drawstring gift bag. \ud83c\udf80 gift wrapping available as an add on purchase during the checkout procedure\ud83d\udc49 custom orders welcomed\ud83d\udc4d contact me today.\ud83d\udcad let's put our heads together and i'll make a custom listing for you.\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\\ud83d\udc99\u3030\ud83d\udc9c\u3030\ud83d\udc99, beaded bracelet

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